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Even the probably relationship is the fact Alexander are Andrews sis

Even the probably relationship is the fact Alexander are Andrews sis

The wedding was in 2nd Donagheady Presbyterian Church and the info show Williams dad as Alexander Dunn, farmer

The huge holes on the Church records means that there need certainly to had been much more way more sisters whose labels were lost.

The above mentioned suggestions suggest that James, Stephen, and you can Andrew had been some otherwise all the sons regarding James stated from the 1745 Muster Move. The second Andrew is most likely Robert’s child -then it the brand new Andrew who partnered Catherine as they called its [?eldest] child Robert

James might have been the newest spouse regarding Hannah it is perhaps more likely to was indeed the guy James produced for the 1755.

William is an issue. That it can not be the kid produced to help you James and you can Hanna from inside the 1763 given that he would had been too young. This William need become an adult man inside 1777. This indicates he came to be circa 1750 or earlier. This is certainly a period of time instead Church records and clearly there had been far more college students born to your Dunns earlier to1753. However there’s no apparent father for William and therefore his supply may not be tracked.

From inside the 1787 the fresh Abercorn property provided this new renting in order to its tenants [D/623/C/4/3] and you may phased out rundale. The Dunn farm try put into around three and you can help so you can

It is known one none of the youngsters regarding Stephen arrive to your apartments. They must have left Cullion will eventually.

From the 1800 the fresh new Dunn facilities in Cullion was hired of the William [even the same child as the prior to otherwise a child], Andrew Dunn and you may Hamilton. These types of need been successful farmers just like the Hamilton Dunn and you can a great William Dunn are each other listed in brand new flax subsidy register out-of 1796 [Hamilton obtained an excellent subsidy out-of three rotating wheels and you will William five they certainly were a national subsidy to have flax expanding. The most subsidy are four rims.]

In 1809 the fresh Abercorn papers tell you Hamiltons name stroked aside and changed by the those of James Brown and you can James Gilmore. This would suggest that Hamilton had died and you can didn’t have one sons or perhaps one compatible from overtaking the fresh new lease. Thomas Dunn are obviously produced in the Creevedonnell and you will try for this reason an effective person in a different Dunn family. However given that previously indicated, it is possible your Creevedonnell Dunns and Cullion Dunns were related around three years earlier.

Whenever Thomas passed away their kid [together with an Andrew] erected a gravestone in the dated Donagheady Churchyard and this means Thomas while the a farmer out-of Cullion.

When you look at the 1829 numerous freeholdings have been joined as well as several inside the Cullion to Thomas Dunn, also to Andrew Dunn. That it Andrew should have become the man regarding William.

(When Thomas died in the Dec.1850 he left only one surviving child Andrew [others man William got died as he are twenty]. Andrew didn’t ranch however, went first so you’re able to Scotland following in order to The united kingdomt. He was extremely successful from the Metal change and demonstrably became a little steeped. He stood unsuccessfully to own Parliament and you can died from inside the London area.)

Out-of 1830 to help you, in the latest, 1850 there had been a few Dunn facilities from the Cullion [Thomas and Andrew]. New Griffith valuation [circa 1860 shows only 1 Dunn ranch rented because of the Jane Dunn. Jane try for this reason likely to was in fact the widow off Andrew. To help you complicate understanding of the issue an effective William Dunn regarding Cullion hitched Fanny Lowry [close neighbors] toward fifteen Mar 1850.

The coming year Andrews name is changed by that of Thomas Dunn

For the 1878 William died but their widow Fanny stayed in Cullion and also the 1901 census shows her still living indeed there along with her nephew Robert Ellis [an excellent carpenter].

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